Thursday, October 19, 2006

well another day has come in the aji news room, feeling better than yesterday and have edited the blog to respect that, it all got on top of me for a while, its just the thaught that prety much the whole of the muslim world(Bar this 24hr news agency) has just checked out for a 10 day holiday that depressed me. rumers of 12 hour shifts are rampent here as we aproach the big kick off, but untill the rest of the team arrives (5 people) we are 50% down on staff.
news that my shuipping should be through customs after eid(inshalla) pleases me, however being broke as broke can be untill then doesent. 652rials & 44 days left till i get paid.
fell asleep on the sofa last night at 8pm, so wiped out the evening.
and have downloaded the latest batch of the USC Public deplomacy podcasts (Yay!) and the latest Berkley cyberculture & Open Scource cources (Double Yay) so i have something to listen to at home!

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