Friday, October 20, 2006

hello one and all, my first late shift in at 1pm and out at 10pm, weekend off, new schedule for next week (revision 4 for next week) back onto 12hr shifts arrgh.
there are already wrangelings to get time off/changing shifts but im not so happy with this, i dont want to do 5 12hr shifts in a row, i didnt like it at discovery and i dont think i will like it there, work is great, im setiling into the job well, getting to grips with the systems well, and it seems to work (* with the caveat that nothing has worked today at all)
i cooked dinner for two of my co-compundees both kiwis, both loveley. think there could be a good thing of cooking going on here, as were all on our todd, why cook for one when you can cook for 3 or more. this weekend sees eid happen tomorow (saturday night) with the official breaking of the fast so parties and madness all around in the muslim community, and parties all round in the non-muslim community as the bars and the booze shop opens again! so there are parties planned next week and the week beyond, pland for garveys (the european family club next thursay 26th) and a compound AJ pool party on the 2nd. so immenent job is to get my booze card, plus finding enough money on a loan to get liquor card, which is mandatory out here to buy alcohol.

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