Friday, May 25, 2007

John Terrett leaves Doha

Someone i consider a friend is leaving Doha for DC then NYC, John its been an honour and a pleasure working with you, in your time in Doha you have been a consummate pleasure to work with, you will be missed from our little world. I do hope we stay in contact.

all the best JTE


Thursday, May 24, 2007

morris the studio cat

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

just a quick post, to say that not much is happening here at the moment, so not much to report, heading out tomorow to go exploring posibly more abandoned houses. a couple of peeps coming over to mine tonight to watch good night and good luck & the day the earth caught fire.
this email came from a dear friend of mine> also a friend of rabbit,
if your in london and into alternative theatre or ARGs suggest you go

I am working with Coney at the NT Studio for a week
from 4-8 June to develop an idea based on an existing
story. We’d rather not tell you what our source-text
is now so as not to spoil any exciting surprises. But
the working title for the project is A Small Town
Anywhere. What we can tell you is that there are no
performers, only a playing audience. And we would love
it if you could come down to the NT Studio for playing
slots throughout our week.

Think of it as an experiment to play a game that tells
a story. One of the games we’ve been scratching
towards this slot is based on the party game Mafia
( so if you’ve ever enjoyed
playing that we’re sure you’ll enjoy this. You’re not
forced to 'perform', all we ask is that you are open
to playing as much as you want to.

Our playing slots will be Tuesday to Friday lunchtime
(c. 12.45) and late afternoon (c. 4.15), for a maximum
duration of one hour apart from the slots on the
Friday which may run to 90 minutes. You’re welcome to
come and play more than once, although in that case
we’d ask if one of those times could be a
lunchtime/earlier in the week when we're more likely
to be trying out individual components rather than the

We’d love to hear about your experience of playing
afterwards too.

It’s free to come and play. Hopefully there’ll be tea
and biscuits. If you’re interested in coming, then
please contact the

The NT Studio is on a site 2 minutes walk from Oval
Tube. The smalltowncrier will send you a map.

A Small Town Anywhere by Coney developing at the
National Theatre Studio, after initial play-testing at
BAC, the Shunt Lounge and Hide + Seek. Coney are
supported artists at BAC.