Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well back in london, the flight was a breeze, 9hours, with a 2hr stop in bhrain, thats where the travel joy ended, i have seen the future of RFID based immigration and its not good – at heathrow there are glass booths which admit you based on your rfid embedded passport, i thaught i would test this, i had 2 rfid embedded id cards in my pocket, but not an RFID passport, i was admitted to the booth to carry out biometric testing, inthis case facial recognition – ofcourse i failed it and was ejected out the booth, but surisingly the 4 other people waiting in line for the booth who were carrying rfid enabled passports were rejected too, a 100% failure rate of recognition with what i assume is the new secure technology – maybe its too secure -

anyway i headed to the normal immigration, 100+ people cueing for immigration just on the EU passport side. Got pulled out for having aljazeera in my passport. Once clear of the bullshit – i then boarcded ther heathrow express to T1 to get the tube to south ealing, where i waited for the 65 bus from richmond. Got into richmond for 9am everything shut, got home had a shower then changed headed out into richmond to get essentials like a new toothbrush and razors that had been confiscated at doha, for what reason they confiscated my toothbrush i have no idea,

Monday, March 26, 2007

just been hot linked from

"keeping tabs on aljazeera"

currently 2 posts - nothing of substance of yet

the blog author describes themselves as

"The author of this blog is neither employed by al-Jazeera nor any of its media competitors. Tips, corrections and comments are welcome at forayblog[at]"

and describes me as a 'techie' - hmmm

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Arab woman blues

a new blog thats rocking my world

more Zikrit photos

Indian Lake project-

well i lied - its a boring night at Al Jaz - just wanted to post this - the indian lake project.

work of a genious ARG Master Gamer, Interactive fiction breaking newground on blog space: or the rantings of an insane madman who wears a tinfoil helmet?

the story is that a man finds a trunk buried in woodland gives it to his son - son finds pictures of secret millitary psiops reaserch relating to MKULTRA.

wont write any more - but go read it, makes X-files look dull.
well my last blog from doha - will be blogging as i hit london.

shouts to --> lisa - gonna miss you for a few weeks but lets catch up when i get back for dinner & movie, Colm - keep on boozin!, lydie gonna miss you like mad but see you in london in 10days (crazy to think i met you 8 days ago and have seen you everyday since!),
quote of the week

'I am again intrigued by how good it is. The opening is rich with wood, spice, and incense; and the white pepper complements and magnifies them to the point where they have an almost surreal character. This surrealism, of course, is lessened as time goes on. The potency continues to wane into the mid notes where the spice is pretty much disappeared and the accord remains simply papyrus wood and incense. These middle notes are very similar to the top notes (except for the reduced surreal intensity) because of the incense, and they last for a very long time. The middle notes do tend to be a little lackluster, but they remain rich and masculine. Thus it stays until the notes from the base show up'

a prize to the person who guesses what it describes - no googleĆ­ng

its the pox