Saturday, December 22, 2007

so ive been back in London for a week, and its all going well, maybe a little too well to be honest,

ive been out far too much, drunk far too much, not gone to bed twice, been to the theatre twice, been to house partys drunk ridiculous amounts of champagne, acted inappropriately on far too many occasions, to be honest im channelling a mix between sid james and terry thomas right now, i cant tell if im on a rampage or out of control or just simply letting my hair down.

i can tell you this for nothing London is a fantastic place to be, ive missed it, ive missed my friends here, ive missed the life i had here, and i dont know if i want to go back to doha, i dont know if i can afford to stay tho either financially or career wise.

im at one of those cross roads in my life that i am really questioning what im doing and why im doing it, do i want to work in the media business, do i want to work in news, what do i want in the long term?

some conclusions ive made, im not getting any younger, im not getting any happier in doha, i want to find someone and settle down with.

one thing these days have illustrated is how alone i am in doha, i have beautiful friends in doha but no one im going to change the world for, no one im going to change the world with.

whats a boy to do?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

back in London, 4 days on, 6 parties and a full day in the pub, theatre & a hang over the size of western Europe, a new sport invented and having fallen asleep on the circle line later, i think im back.