Friday, January 12, 2007

Buy Sealand

my favourite crazy P2P sweeds are trying to buy my favourite micronation - madcap plan i know but it may just work!

current thaughts are running one of two ways - dude you guys are nuts but its a cool idea, and dude you guys are nuts theyre going to bomb you
definatly not coming to Qatar

scratch and sniff & pork flavourd stamps from china
office body armour watch,

Media blue & kevlar helmet

Thursday, January 11, 2007

just got the house of cards trilogy

I watched the fianal series many years ago on tv and rembered it was excelent, so im going to watch all 3 series (12h) and thourogly enjoy them on theese cold doha days

Bruces response is even more interesting>>

*Thanks for writing in, Michael Heap. That was interesting. I usedto have Texan relatives out in the Gulf. Digging up all that oil therest of us are burning now.*

When it comes to inherently global problems like global warming, it'scomical to watch regional players fingerpointing at everybody else. What, like this tiny chip called Dubai caused the North Pole to melt? The amount of stuff we've already spewed scarcely compares to theamount of stuff we're likely to spew. Everybody lives in a glassgreenhouse on this issue. The only ones even close to a right tofingerpoint are the Danes and maybe the Swedes.The Arabs would stop burning oil in a hurry if the Iranians were kindenough to nuke the straits of Hormuz.

"Oh look! The Arabs got allgreen! They stopped shipping oil completely!" Would we be thrilledwith the Arabs all of a sudden? Would we be backpatting them forsparing the world emissions by refusing to sell us any? I don't thinkso.

Suppose we didn't have a smokestack problem. Suppose we had a sewageproblem, instead. Suppose we were wading around knee-deep in rawsewage. Would we then argue: "Oh wow, the Second World is making moresewage than us. Their sewage rates are growing faster than our sewagerates"? What's the upshot of this kind of beggar-your-neighborargumentation?

If the seas rise, Dubai is sunk. Dubai is on the coast. Checkout these dikes they had built. It won't be fun to be a rich Arab in aclimate crisis. It's no fun to be a rich Arab right now.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

well back in work after a relaxing 4 days,

slept alot

did some shopping,
did some cooking,
did some banking,

Went out for dinner with lisa & Colm at Lisa's place

Cooked for lisa & Louis

Cooked for Charlie & Jodie

Photos from the weekend from walking the length of the corniche, a nice ramble about 3km