Saturday, November 04, 2006

or not as blogger has stopped letting me add images
well lastnight didnt go as smoothley as planned, ended up at work till 2.30 local, today isnt much better with london suffering the same niggles.

otherthan that the list of jobs is mounting.

with such stunning highlights as - sort rental car, and setup aramex account, buy a book case an of course get my stuff out of customs

a few pics to come

Friday, November 03, 2006

well tonights nearly over, 11.30 local as im writing this, today was another smooth day, all running well apart from the few technical niggles that the tech boys know about already and were promised a patch b4 launch, lastnights bbq although not huge was a great success and there are already people talking about setting up a regular thing around the pool, i cant beleive we talked for nearly 11hours, all the booze was consumed, nearly all the food, people ended up in the pool, most of us didnt tho. threw all the washing into the dishwasher as i couldnt be dealing with washing up at 5am.

tomorow is another day/night session on till 1am, but then i have a day off and a few more on and then some more off.

looking to buy a bookcase here- im looking for something like this -

however bookcases dont seem to be big in doha, come to think of it reading doesent seem to be a big thing here, either in english or arabic, there is one large bookstore here which has more computer equipment than books.
Al Jazeera Satellite Network has unveild “The Wall of Freedom” Memorial dedicated to honor journalists and crew from across the world who have been killed while working in the field. The 55 foot tall Memorial was unveiled at Al Jazeera’s 10th Anniversary on November 1st, 2006. The Memorial is an ongoing recognition of the dangerous work that many journalists are required to do as part of their profession. Journalists today are placed in hazardous situations either as a consequence of covering wars or giving voice to opinions that are condemned by political regimes. As a result many of the journalists and crew on the Memorial were killed in war situations or by political assassination for their views. A number of the cases of those killed are still open with either little or no investigation into the circumstances and reasons for their deaths.

Over 630 names are etched on the memorial which was designed by the artist Mahmud Al Obaidi an Iraqi-Canadian artist who has exhibited his work in many parts of the world including Tunisia, India, New York, and France. “I chose the wall as a form because it shows meaning more than any other form. The wall is black which is a sacred color - it is a symbol of steadfastness. The boxes on the wall are windows to immortalize the world’s journalists and crew who died as heroes.”

Director General of the Al Jazeera Network, Wadah Khanfar, stated, “We want to recognize the courage and valor shown by journalists and their crews across the world, those who have sacrificed their lives. Reporting the news has become extremely unsafe in many parts of the world and more needs to be done to assure protection for journalists and for the freedom of expression. This Memorial was built to remind the world of the heavy cost of telling the truth. We wanted to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for their profession and we hope that one day we can see an end to the killing.”

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

incredible hulk part 2.

well the news has come in: he was booked and released: not on drunk in public but get this dressed inappropriatley (for the ripped cloathing and being painted green)

so ive been contemplating life as a single man out here, as in life there are hurdles to be jumped, however there was an interesting stat out here: there are 10 men to every woman out here and given that the vast majority of women out here are either a) married or B) philipino/s.E. asian hookers i think that forming a meaningful relationship with anyone may be a little difficult, i suppose i wont suffer in the way most do ie im happy on my own most of the time, however my exhaulting standards, may throw extra barriers in the way, not that im looking for much mind you, some one to talk to that understands wtf im talking about, someone who isnt stupid (i dont suffer fools gladly), someone who can see beyond the hype that surrounds us in modern society (someone who can see that paris hilton isnt stupid - but a media phenonomonon and who works very hard at it too, not that its to be revered mind you), someone who is as passionate as i am on the the things i am - food & the moving image. heard this today and its starting to sound true
"People move through their lives sometimes without really thinking about where they're going. The days pile up, and they get sadder and lonelier, without really knowing how they got so sad, or why they're so lonely. Then something happens... they meet someone who looks a certain way, or has something in their smile. Maybe that's all that falling in love is. Finding someone who makes you feel a little less alone."

from the DG

Indeed, we have reached a watershed moment in the history of the Al-Jazeera Network.
Our coverage of the recent Lebanon War has been the best war coverage yet by a News Channel, building on our reputation for honest, courageous, fair, balanced, and independent journalism. To all those involved, well done! I urge you to continue to strive for journalistic and organisational excellence.

Further, the impending launch of Al-Jazeera English, poses significant opportunities. Firstly, as a channel, the opportunity to fill a gaping schism in the media industry on a global scale. The world is looking for an unbiased, independent media network, rooted in the South, and this is what we aspire to provide. With fearless, innovative journalism we will give a voice to the unheard, and uphold the values of tolerance, democracy and liberty.

Secondly, as journalists, the opportunity is presented to return to the purity of this most noble profession. We can be a bastion of truth, reporting with integrity, fairness, and independence. A bastion of hope, giving a voice to the unheard. A bastion of respect for the individual, giving the viewer the “opinion and the other opinion”, analyzing every aspect of every issue and putting the news into the context of the human being.

The choice of grabbing these opportunities lie in our hands. I give you my assurance that we are working hard to mould the Al Jazeera Network into a highly efficient organisation.
On the 1 November 2006, Al Jazeera will celebrate ten years of pioneering journalism, and a unique spirit…the Al Jazeera Spirit. The Al Jazeera spirit is about questioning the deep seated beliefs and values that are held about people, cultures, and conflicts. The Al Jazeera spirit is about constantly questioning and enhancing the journalistic norms and standards that become status quo. An Al Jazeera journalist cannot be unbiased if he or she holds deep seated beliefs that he or she is unwilling to change. An Al Jazeera journalist cannot be truthful, if he or she is unwilling to investigate all the facts with an open mind. An Al Jazeera journalist cannot respect the individual if he or she puts forward just one angle of the story.

Al Jazeera now employs people from over 50 nationalities. Over the past few weeks our Management Team worked closely together to develop a draft Mission Statement and Code of Ethics for the Network, that reflects this diversity as well as holds true to the core values of Journalism that is free from economic and political pressures. It is attached for your convenience. The final version, I believe, should emerge out of a consensus from all of you, Al Jazeera’s valued employees. I am confident that the strength of this diversity, experience and expertise will shine through in your feedback.
hello one and all,

a few days on from the last post all good here finished my monstor marathon 5 nights session, and am currently relaxing at home, well at work but im not supposed to be here, im just coming in to do emails and update the blog,

its the 10th aniversiary of the network and the kings popping to shake hands and all that kind of guff, i got my banking cards and paid so atleast im solvent, i also bought a bbq & 10 kilos of chicken and stuff for my world famous couscous salad for the party tomorow, if your local swing by.

what else, shipping is still in coustoms, and noone seems to be able to do a thing about it, it would be nice if i could get to it, but ive pretty much given up hope of seeing it anytime before the asian games.

tried to swing by the bookstore but of course it was closed apparently it dosent open till 4pm now there is a surprise.
other than that technical traumas are still here at work, but we should be able to work anyway.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

not much to say today another beurocratastic day here in the land thats always hot

got my cheques yay!,

bank closed so couldent deposit them boo!
rang shipping agency to clear stuff.

its not cleared despite being assured that it would.

anyway im having a party saturday so if your local swing by you know how to contact me for details.