Friday, November 03, 2006

well tonights nearly over, 11.30 local as im writing this, today was another smooth day, all running well apart from the few technical niggles that the tech boys know about already and were promised a patch b4 launch, lastnights bbq although not huge was a great success and there are already people talking about setting up a regular thing around the pool, i cant beleive we talked for nearly 11hours, all the booze was consumed, nearly all the food, people ended up in the pool, most of us didnt tho. threw all the washing into the dishwasher as i couldnt be dealing with washing up at 5am.

tomorow is another day/night session on till 1am, but then i have a day off and a few more on and then some more off.

looking to buy a bookcase here- im looking for something like this -

however bookcases dont seem to be big in doha, come to think of it reading doesent seem to be a big thing here, either in english or arabic, there is one large bookstore here which has more computer equipment than books.

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