Thursday, April 26, 2007

replace wisconsen with doha. and im looking for jodie
Print your own 16mm film:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blood, Bullets, Bombs, and Bandwidth: A SHORT BY JON EVANS

a tale of two California cipherpunks who went to Baghdad to seek their fortune, and bring the Internet to Iraq.

"The best way to deal with terrorism in the long run is to fix the underlying conditions that create terrorism," Ryan says. "It's difficult to fix their ideology, but it's easy to fix their infrastructure. But the US has done a bad job … It's like a feedback loop. They got on the wrong side of the feedback loop." Iraqi frustration breeds insurgents; insurgent violence cripples reconstruction efforts; and the resulting lack of power, communications, finances, and jobs breeds more frustration.

a seriuously interesting read - thanks. if you want to talk hardcore some of our guys put theese two in the soft nelly category
hello one and all, just a quick line to say im all well, ive been at work for 3 days have one more to go, the early morning commute is a killer at the moment given that 2 of the main roads from home to work are now down to one lane, so its taking 45mins to get into work - its a nightmare. so im up at before 6am to get in for 07.30 local.

other than that i have a few things to sort out on the 'weekend' i have to renew my car insurance - have a few days before it runs out. a friend is leaving AJe permantly and have a dinner to cater for, and a few people are coming around for cinema alfresco. probably a few more items will crop up in the near future.

as seems to be typical theese days dad seems to be having problems with romanian visas - well that seems to be the norm with the heaps theese days.
and am currently digging the 'wealth of networks' by Yochai Benkler - as recomended by bruce - as a podcast. im finding it easier to consume dense books by audio theese days - also makes the commute easier than listening to QBS radio

im loving this blog cataloguing future predictions from history: little known factoids from predictions that never became true.
"In the future, products from space will be in great demand. Economists are predicting a 20 billion dollar market for space-made goods by the year 2000"
in the 21st centuary "Cooking, perhaps, will not be done at all on any large scale at home.....and cooking will be a much less disgusting process than it is now."
"The new realm of hydrospace will provide thousands of new job opportunities and bring about the birth of dozens of new industries as our oceanic engineers perfect the techniques to dive deeper and stay longer under the surface of the seas"
By the year 2000, business conventions will be held at interplanetary "cosmotels," to which most delegates will travel in their own family "volkscapsules" or "satellacs,"
For the year 2000, however, we can foresee some really far-out developments:
  • The virtual elimination of bacterial and viral diseases.
  • The correction of hereditary defects through the modification of genetic chemistry.
  • The stepping-up of our food supply through large-scale ocean-farming and fabrication of synthetic proteins.
  • Control of the weather, at least on a regional scale.
  • In space, the landing of men on Mars and the establishment of a permanent unmanned research station on that planet.
  • The creation, in the laboratory, of primitive forms of artificial life.
This is indeed an age of miracles. It is your age.
Wire of the week: make that wires:



"Authorities said Adamcik was in possession of a large burrito and drugs."

Monday, April 23, 2007

the days of cheap flights are gone.

i have just spent 6500 rials on flights to croatia.

the itinary for flights/travel is insane

Doha>bahrain>frankfurt>split bus>zadar>zagreb>novisad>zagreb>cluj

Back at work – harrumph- those 2 days passed in a flash, didn’t relax at all, mental note don’t large it all 3 nights and then expect to be on good form at 06:00 on Monday morning.

4 days on then 4 off, BBQ leaving party for a friend planned Friday around the pool. Got to get to aramex to pick up my supplies ive shipped in from the states, new camera – woot. Fuji F20 at an awesome price ~$100(after rebate) looks like its going to be a nice little shooter – its replace my fixed focus cheap and very nasty 5mp noname camera which is about to fall over.
finaly the secrets of the universe revealed

Magic 8 Ball Vivisection =- some may say heresy - but all is fair in the land of science