Wednesday, April 25, 2007

hello one and all, just a quick line to say im all well, ive been at work for 3 days have one more to go, the early morning commute is a killer at the moment given that 2 of the main roads from home to work are now down to one lane, so its taking 45mins to get into work - its a nightmare. so im up at before 6am to get in for 07.30 local.

other than that i have a few things to sort out on the 'weekend' i have to renew my car insurance - have a few days before it runs out. a friend is leaving AJe permantly and have a dinner to cater for, and a few people are coming around for cinema alfresco. probably a few more items will crop up in the near future.

as seems to be typical theese days dad seems to be having problems with romanian visas - well that seems to be the norm with the heaps theese days.
and am currently digging the 'wealth of networks' by Yochai Benkler - as recomended by bruce - as a podcast. im finding it easier to consume dense books by audio theese days - also makes the commute easier than listening to QBS radio

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