Friday, April 13, 2007

DMZ - Graphic novel by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli

im giving this serious props - fantastic art, great writing and a killa story arc. Picked up the first two whilst i was in london - thanks to the richmond comic shop for the recomendation.

set in a wartorn very near future NYC, US residents have bought into Iraq style Gorilla warfare and have overrun much of the US, following a rookie journalist abandoned in the city after a failed insersion, its his life and reports of the city and its residents, from the ground up, of the survival and the life that ensues from the love life of a AWOL Specops sniper, to the inner workings of a rooftop vegan resteraunt, to gig reviews and anatomys of street gunbattles, all very real and all very hard - hits hard and home for someone working in a news organisation whos friends do this on a daily basis in citys from Bagdad to Kabul

well im back in doha, its a modest 35 degrees, humidity is way up, im back in the office, little has changed, although my stress levels are way lower than when i left,

plans for a bbq tomorow (sat) are afoot, then im on earlies for 6 days as of sunday Am.

im giving up Qatar airlines because i had nothing but excelent service from BA, with half empty flights and excelent service from their check in staff and airoplane staff and i love their online check-in which alows me to nab my beloved bulkhead window seat well before the other punters.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

well thats it 2 weeks in london, going to miss it and some special people ive spent some time with, london is my home, but its odd to say goodbye for now, returning to my home in doha