Monday, February 15, 2010

Well its that time of year again the annual WEB TED bashing fest, The its so ‘Eletist’, Its so ‘Expensive’, Its so ‘……’.

Ive been inspired by Robert Scoble’s blog post ( to post my own responses to the general bashing and supposed value questions generally raised at the same time as TED.

People generally ascribe different cost value relationships to things, some people are into expensive holidays, some have to have the latest gadgets I-phones are de-rigure, some have to have the best car my colleague drives a lexus for example, some people spend their money on an expensive wine collection/or hang out at the bar, some people go to sporting events. I do/have very few of the above.

I drive a 5 year old car, I drink boxed wine, my phone is 3 years old, my last holiday I spend with a combination of my mother & father, and sister at their homes. I can’t remember the last sporting event I paid to go to. I did however go to TED Global last year.

What I got from TED last year,

1 the speeches – are inspirational.
2 the event – the setting and surroundings are great.
3 the people – the general networking is fantastic
4 the people – Friendships built

And I’m going again this year.