Friday, August 10, 2007

Well ive been asked to become a contributing editor/blogger of the run-riot cultural web page

it describes itself as:

"free eclectic listing of counter culture events in London from the worlds of theatre, music, clubs, art and performance, Run-Riot takes you from the edge to the heart"

I intend to write extended peices about my life in doha and beyond, describing my so-called life, from the sublime to the redicioulous.

Run Riot blog
A Typical Friday Moring

Im having a great morning this morning listening to the beta band and reading brian woods book demo - supping on a great single scource Rift Valley coffee

yesterday was great - think im 90% of the way to fixing my bricked wifi router - it did involve some scary parts including earthing out pin9 on the Eprom then rewriting the firmware with X-WRT

X-WRT is an open scource Graphical interface for OpenWRT - a fairly hardcore openscource instalation of unix for low level routers - which should give me access to a lot more of the routers functionality like Qos shaping in addition i can bump the strength of the radio signal to about 40mw from its measly 20mw which should make trying to get through the kryptonite walls a little easier.

Inshalla i can also get the router working as a Itunes server & reading an external unix USB Hdd (formatted as samba2)

Now i have the software running and functional with both the mac and the pony adsl router that qtel installed - i just have to work out how to write the final version to the Eprom.

anyway think its going to be a quiet techy day to day - may watch a film or two today - i have 300 & the lookout to lookforward to.

Monday, August 06, 2007

an excellent essay on two films i recently had the up most pleasure in discovering - Before Sunrise & Before Sunset - i had the pleasure of watching them on 2 sequential nights.

1: in bed in a bad hotel in Novisad in Serbia,
2: in a 2nd class compartment crossing the border into Romania

Beautiful calm cinema, for silly romantics like me

for those who have seen the films, you know there some of the best works to be committed to celluloid

Sunday, August 05, 2007

a couple of videos of the garden party in zadar have popped up on youtube