Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Day 11 in the waiting room, as I said to a friend yesterday, im over tedium im now into resignation mode, im resigned to it taking how ever long it takes, although my mother has started acting strangely toward me, I think she is sick of seeing me. To be honest I would be sick of seeing me after 15 days.

On other notes:

ive finished 4 books, Interface (great book about American electoral politics), The forever war (metaphorical story about the Vietnam war), the mammoth book of extreme science fiction (well its mammoth- 700pages and its full of extreme sci-fi – good to see a story by Cory Doctrow author of my favorite blog!) and the conversations between Michael Ondantchai and the editor of things like the godfather and Apocalypse now.

I’m currently playing my way through New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS and haven’t had this much fun for a longtime well probably since I finished Super Mario 3, 18 years ago – it’s a 2d scrolling masterpiece – however the music is dreadful but ive taken to listening to Steve Reich, Freq Nasty or Mozart’s 5th and there amazingly synchronous.

Had a nice walk around Richmond park this afternoon. Hit the spot, out of the house and into some halcyon early autumn sun, Conkers are falling, leaves are crunching underfoot, but its still 20 odd degrees, I can deal with weather like this.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

hello one and all,

my god visa traumaorama 4 foul ups in as many days. im still here in richmond, over a week after i was supposed to have dparted, running out of money, as i dont get paid till i get there and have a local account ;-(

on the upside ive had a blinder of a night - good soxan at the bc house - caught up with the minichill peeps, allround good vibe, good to see GB, Mond Gemma & sophie again too!

a few found pictures from the archive and one of soxan from Dr mo as im lazy and dont have the propper card reader for mums laptop here in richmond