Thursday, September 18, 2008

End of the summer

Was this summer the last summer of my youth, my friends report aches and pains,Reporting being tired, flatend defeated waking up in the morning is difficult, longterm heath issues no longer just niggles, now serious, in a word exhausted.

Its always been the end of summer that has been indicitave of change to me, the end of the long heady days playing in the garden as a child, late warm nights drinking in the park then pub gardens as a teen ager, late night playing & dancing the nights away at festivals as a young man.

is this generaly symptomatic of the uk, are we feeling the chill of the last days of cool britania, i know the heady days of 1999-2004 are long gone, but were we enjoying an indian summer through 06&07 ?

What now as a man, no longer a boy, what now the world is ending, what we took as normal, as given with the easy credit, easy lifestyle we all took for granted, as the world slides into an ever increacing mess, the collapse of the capatalist world - is this the end of rome, is the us government playing nero as rome burns?

this strikes me as i come to the end of my 20s, i am more serious, i dont feel like playing anymore, those things i took as granted are gone, i no longer play, i am harder and faster and now the best i have ever been, professionaly and personaly those days that were summer are gone, that which was for play are gone, the end of autum approach and the winter which is for work and settleing in for quiet days in front of the fire with those i care about.

Monday, September 15, 2008

"The true fetishist has become he or she who abstains from consummation while the rest of society gets its kicks in a post-modern pornutopia in which all manner of experiences can be had with all comers and myriad things. The celibate are stigmatised as freakish, thwarted. And yet the great surveyed platitude among consenting adults is that most would rather sleep than screw; a kink at which uncontracepted generations would surely have gawked. "