Thursday, September 07, 2006

sorry for not posting sooner, its been a mad week, with quitting discovery, and a festival to run & moving out my flat its been hectic.

Discovery: an emotionaly charged exit, im not going to miss the place or the tedium of the job but i am going to miss the crew, a more professional and fun loving bunch i have never found - true professionals under fire!

the festival, what to say, it was as lol hammond says 'a corker' despite nearly being blown away by the wind, nearly falling off a ladder, it was a great one that raised tonnes of cash for the abc festival.

and today has been mad up, found that there has been visa complications, and i cant fly till monday evening, atleast that gives me a weekend, however with most of the crew doing bestival i guess it may be a quiet one.

otherthan that getting excited about doha.

meeting the polish possee for drinks after work in the city, and posibly drinks at the BCB on friday.