Saturday, August 19, 2006

So im stood writing this edition 7 beers down at liverpool st statio, Its 3am and waiting for the night bus after a fantastic evening at public life

the night bus arrived we hopped on its packed as is normal heading to london bridge.

Some seriouis beats in the form of some minimal techno at public life techno as it should be played to a small audience in a tiny sweaty club. Gonta miss this in doha. Guess a booze free lifestyle will become the norm as i ease into sharia laws and 5x prayer a day

Need to pack alot, also need to get reduced quote from shipping co. As have realised that 6 tea boxes is massivly too much, but reassured that even then the price comes in at less than 500 airfreight door to door.

Also need to clear up what customs issues ther around quatar. Also need to drink lots of calvados.

Day one of the last month 4 night shifts left. God im tired up for 24 hrs as i fucked my diary and thaught i was working friday to monday nights, any way im glad to see the back of theese redicoulous 12 hr night shifts, with more bullshit from the libarary, i love the libarary boys and girls dearly but sometimes i wished they did a propper job rather than laughing and giggling the shift away.

Aaargh. 7 min to go.
Sat here before howls moving castle outdoor at somerset house makes me realise that the beautiful things of london are often hidden from mass and popular culture - they arnt always glaringly obvious.