Friday, March 09, 2007

Wire of the week:

"NASA fires astronaut charged with kidnapping woman she allegedly believed waslove rival" AP

work spam: most people get spam about viagra or enlarging their manhood or free hoax emails, i get bagdad incountry counter insurgency protection spam

Enhanced PSD Capability from *** Group - Baghdad

*** are pleased to announce and enhanced PSD capability available for ad hoc tasking in and around the greater Baghdad area. Our team is available for short , one off trips such as Baghdad International Airport pick ups and drops offs and longer term visits by business delegations and news crews.

The team can deploy in a variety of low profile, discrete configurations ranging from two B6 sedans through to a five vehicle configuration including a security advance party and counter attack team.

Our Personnel
Vehicles are crewed by UK ex-patriates together with a small team of local security personnel with whom we have worked for nearly four years. Each team has at least one medic.

Vehicles and Equipment
All vehicles are armoured to B6 standard, have city wide radio communications systems and are equipped with satellite transponders for tracking and response. Personnel tracking beacons can also be provided to client personnel to give an extra degree of confidence and protection. Personnel protective equipment and local cell ‘phones can also be provided to client personnel for the duration of any stay in Baghdad.

If required, *** can provide secure living and working accommodation for visiting personnel at a number of sites inside and outside of the Green Zone.

Pre-deployment Training and Support.
Pre deployment hostile environment training can be delivered worldwide by our training team and, if required, our staff in Amman, Jordan or Dubai, can arrange for airport meet and greet services, transfer to hotels, Baghdad ticketing and Iraqi visas.

For further details, please contact:
Baghdad : ***

Thursday, March 08, 2007

this is what life should be like:-

how come we dont live on the 2001 space station and co-habbit with barberella
Ernest Gallo Dies at 97

im in mourning

Ernest Gallo who, along with brother Julio, created the world's second largest wine company (by volume) died Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at the age of 97 (Julio died in 1993). In 1933, with $5,900 of borrowed money and a wine recipe from the local library, Ernest and Julio became an American success story and revitalized the American wine industry. Mr. Gallo is quoted as saying, "My brother Julio and I worked to improve the quality of wines from California and to put fine wine on American dinner tables at a price people could afford."

Ernest Gallo's aggressive business tactics are responsible for the company's huge success, revolutionary advertising strategies, and even the success of the California wine industry, specifically Sonoma County. These same tactics also created some stains on the Gallo history, including the bitter feud with younger brother Joseph and Ernest's influence on American politics, specifically hindering foreign wine imports, what many considered to be corporate welfare. Regardless, the American wine industry today would certainly look very different without the pioneering efforts of Ernest and Julio Gallo.
Well I thought it was time I posted some new stuff:

Its been about a week since I lat posted,

What’s happened.

1)my holiday pay for my unused holiday came through so that’s paying for my trip to London, yay

2) my new shiny ‘pooter turned up from the US  new Mac book pro, yes im now a mac head and that’s only because the size, battery life and it runs XP with boot camp  overall very impressed with the processing power dual core2duo with 2gb ram not so impressed with osx – its kind of bloaty and heavy on the shinyness, I also get the feeling im going to have to relearn *nix to get the best of X.

3)Dennis came through Doha for 24hrs on his way to Nepal to see me and guy nice to see a friend, who was genuinely impressed with the station and Doha, nice also to get the weekend papers too, I shall be enjoying them on Saturday with a large pot of coffee.

4)tying desperately to find a dress shirt here in Doha before Saturday night, think im going to have trouble ;-(

5) started to watch carnivale – god its good.

6)flash monkey are having an event whilst im in London, good is all I can say at least it means that I can catch up with all my old cabaret friends.

7)my missing box of books has turned up! have to go collect them saturday - whoop all my missing sterlings, noons & stevensons will be here soon

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

im loving theese : starwars steampunk stylee!

Word of Mouth Marketing Association -- WOMMA - WOMMA News Blog - from chairman bruce's blog

- more web 1.5 huckster consumerism - this is kind of Bullsh*t being marketed to bloggers wtf??? this is old tech - i used to practice stuff like this when in gorilla marketing, and consulting to desiel and the like 5 years ago - but it seems to be sticking PS3 are using the same techniques

Link: Word of Mouth Marketing Association -- WOMMA - WOMMA News Blog. Event Update: Look at the WOMBAT Agenda
Ask and ye shall receive: WOMMA has posted the agenda for its next event, Word of Mouth Basic Training (WOMBAT). Taking place April 17-18 in New Orleans, WOMBAT promises to be our most exciting, most dynamic, most bang-for-your-buck event ever. Our program includes 50+ amazing speakers, 16 real case studies, and 16 hands-on how-to's.
New Orleans isn't your typical conference venue, and WOMBAT isn't your typical conference, either. The word of mouth industry's official "how-to" event, WOMBAT will wow you with:
--> An incredible keynote by Chip Heath, the best-selling co-author of "Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die"
--> Real word of mouth case studies from General Mills, Nintendo, O Magazine, and more!
--> Practical how-to lessons, including:
* How to Use YouTube as an Effective Marketing Tool
* How to Advertise with Word of Mouth
* How to Create Customer Evangelists
* How to Use Blogs to Keep the Buzz Going
* And more!
We are adding more content, more speakers, and more value every day, so check the agenda often.
one of the most tragic stories ive come across recently

Convicted as an ecoterrorist, a brilliant young scholar nose-dives in prison - brilliant student of theoretical physics at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Cottrell has a high-functioning form of autism that makes it difficult for him to pick up on people’s emotions