Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well I thought it was time I posted some new stuff:

Its been about a week since I lat posted,

What’s happened.

1)my holiday pay for my unused holiday came through so that’s paying for my trip to London, yay

2) my new shiny ‘pooter turned up from the US  new Mac book pro, yes im now a mac head and that’s only because the size, battery life and it runs XP with boot camp  overall very impressed with the processing power dual core2duo with 2gb ram not so impressed with osx – its kind of bloaty and heavy on the shinyness, I also get the feeling im going to have to relearn *nix to get the best of X.

3)Dennis came through Doha for 24hrs on his way to Nepal to see me and guy nice to see a friend, who was genuinely impressed with the station and Doha, nice also to get the weekend papers too, I shall be enjoying them on Saturday with a large pot of coffee.

4)tying desperately to find a dress shirt here in Doha before Saturday night, think im going to have trouble ;-(

5) started to watch carnivale – god its good.

6)flash monkey are having an event whilst im in London, good is all I can say at least it means that I can catch up with all my old cabaret friends.

7)my missing box of books has turned up! have to go collect them saturday - whoop all my missing sterlings, noons & stevensons will be here soon

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