Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sad News

Ive Just found out that Sam Smiths Brewerys Have replaced the jolly chap above with some cheapo laminated label of the bavarian countriside on the pumps for Ayingerbrau lager.

This is a travesty.

Sign the petition to bring him back!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Exit Festival - Serbia 12-15th july 07

from the guardian -

Last year, when Fatboy Slim headlined, with back-up from the White Stripes and Carl Cox, 150,000 revellers took in everything from extreme sports to extremely avant garde cinema. Beer is cheap (as are tickets), the backdrop - the medieval fortress of Novi Sad - is unique and the climate cheerfully Mediterranean.

As Annie Mac of Radio 1 put it: 'The setting is spectacular, the line-up massive and the people completely inspiring. It's a truly special festival.'

Oh Dear - what a line up - Looks like i may be spending july in eastern europe

Cuban Bros.
Kanda Kodza i Nebojsa
The Cardigans
Chicks on speed
Franz Ferdinand
Pet Shop Boys
The Cult
Billy Idol
Scissor Sisters
DJ Krafty Kuts + MC Dinamite
Andy C and Mc GQ

Monday, February 19, 2007

Garden Festival Croatia 6/7/8 july 2007
I am seriously concidering going to this in july

with a killer lineup and 30quid tickets it would be mad not to.

6ix Toy's (live set) -A Man Called Adam – Adam Regan – Alice McLaughlin (live set) –
Andrea Trout – Bigga Bush – Bobby Beige – Bootsy – Crazy P (live set) – Cubismo (live set) –
Dave Jarvis – Deep Fried Funk – Diesler (live set) – DiscoPussy – Dom Chung – Domu –
Eddy Ramich – Greg Wilson – Joe 90 – Kelvin Brown-Lady Driver-MC Tweed – Michael Rutten – Mr. Scruff – No Fakin DJs (live set) – Overproof Sound System (live set) –
Phat Phil Cooper – Phil Charnock – Quantic – Rainer Trueby –Sean Rowley (Guilty Pleasures)– Steve Cobby (Fillabrazilla), Stewart Patterson – Terry Farley – The Unabombers – Toph One – Woody – Yesking – Cetroved -Vanessa Parava- Ole Smokey
Barbarella’s Discotheque
with Stuart Patterson, Terry Farley & Dave Jarvis

Compost Records
with Michael Ruetten, Rainer Trueby & Eddy Ramich

Electric Chair with The Unabombers & Greg Wilson
Joanna Newsom

Beautiful harpist & Bjork like vocals

The media have labeled her as one of the most prominent members of the modern Psych folk movement, Her songwriting incorporates elements of Old-time music" Appalachian music, avant-garde modernism, and African harp rhythms. Many are struck by Newsom's unusual voice, which has shadings of folk and Appalachian pitch and phrasing.
Planning To rock

New Kate bushy/tori amos/aphex madness
more beautiful post industrial objetdart

Beautiful but hideously expensive

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Back in work - sunday 4/5 days depending on how it all unfolds - slept alot on my day off, 16hrs on day in particular, - i think i needed it.

Long email conversations about the meaning of life, the universe and everything with K. she is truly my saviour on the emotional rollercoaster that is my head at the moment.

satorial note - everyone is loving my hair - Sue + Sicisors + wax = hair beauty - about 11 people have mentioned how much they like my new sitcky-uppy hair - plus ive been taking to wearing my new sunglasses plus my black jacket- yeen & charlie mentioned i looked like a rock star. :-)
Valentine's cards burned, couples beaten in Kashmir

A Muslim women's group in revolt-hit Indian Kashmir group burned greeting cards and beat young couples to stop people celebrating Valentine's Day, witnesses said Tuesday.

From Chairman Bruces Blog

It seem to sit nicley with all the valentines day posts ive put up recently