Saturday, January 20, 2007

last day of 4, then 4 off, have to change registration on the car, but otherwise a few days off.

sent jodie off at the 4 seasons last night, kind of sad really friends leaving doha for less sandy pastures. Jealousy may be more likley.

Friday, January 19, 2007

<Cheerings in background> I got the loan paperwork today, just over a month to get a carloan. Well its doha innit!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blog Meta:

Ive had my first Russians, the fins keep returning, the swiss, Brazilians, Bruce is that you logging in from Belgrade?

Bluray cracked - posibly?


numerous independent reports that an exploit has been found on the PS3 that reveal the title/volume keys for Blu-ray disks using a PS3. The procedure involves some minor modding of the boot process and Linux.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Office body amour watch

Black with Press Velcro ID. Probably IIIa, full neck protection, ceramic plates (ak47)
Office weapons watch

A story to recant, A local taxi come to pick up a guy from work pulls up to the check point, guy jumps in, taxi driver pulls forward not reverse, the police shout “Stop Stop Stop” the taxi guys native language isn’t English and becomes flustered and continues forward and hits the barricade, the police officer draws his MP5k and cycles the bolt and levels it head height at the driver and shouts ‘this is your final warning - STOP’

Luckily the driver stopped otherwise it could have been very very messy.
a few more photos of doha

a few photos of the journey to the north

well 4 days off and an early start to boot,

feels like a longtime since ive been at work, mostly beaurocratic nonsense this time. but soem good stuff too

Bank bloody HSBC & HR again, letters submitted to bank, 1st call at 7.40 on my day off, not happy they need a new letter garunteeing my sallary for my contract as finance have been paying me by cheque - ok, so go to HR for letter 1 hour return, not there as HR are in a meeting, decide to return next day (monday), go to HR at 10.30 to get letter, letter yet to be written wait half an hour for letter to be drafted, fine, go to bank, submit letter at 1pm. job done fianly. but wait, i get a call yesterday saying signatures of HR director dont match with the ones on file, i get very cross at this point and storm down to Bank and start spitting nails, and ask to see the branch manager, a very nice chap, who sorts the problem thats taken me 24days to sort in 10 mins. currently the best service i have received from HSBC by a very long way, well done roxy mathew you are the only saving grace of HSBC West Bay. i would change but the nightmare that a friend C.N. has gone through to change banks makes my saga look easy.

3 mornings still trying to jump through hoops, im starting to feel like a show pony.

Upthings about days off

1) beach on saturday with nathan and louise nice to head to the north of qatar (2hr), had a blast getting out of doha, some very nice beaches, some not so nice beaches, but thats where the photographic beauty comes from.

2)drinks at the mercure prior to the singers arrival went downhill rapidly at that point. see micro review on doha nights.

3)finely got my overtime cheque for the last month so my current account is looking very very healthy.

4)ive started to hit the gym again now its getting warmer, 3times in 3days so things are looking up.

6)started to rebuild fatlaptop after i bought a 300gb hdd to back up the internal HDD to before i scrub it and build it from scratch.

7) Its started to get warmer again - 21 today and yesterday so not so cold.