Thursday, October 11, 2007

Part 2 of the easter european opus is up 

on - go read it - its good, its by me!

belleruche news

my very good friend got reviewed in the london metro today

Soul-infused funk with a smattering of hip hop from this ultra-cool trio..."

so frikkin cool!!!
Part 2 of the opus is up:

Serbia, Novisad, the Exit Festival

Monday, October 08, 2007

Everything is hard to do including leaving permanatly - this comes from a dear friend of mine

When it’s time to go – here’s a brief overview of some of the things you’ll need to be aware of.

- BEFORE you resign

– if you have any credit cards you can do without, cancel them. (this affects the freezing of your bank account)
- IF you have a pet to take home, find out all the details of what you need to do to organize their stuff
- If you have a bank loan for your car, try and sell to clear the debt (bank will freeze your account to the value of all potential liabilities, including credit cards)
- You will need a letter from the bank for the Transfer of your car (to say you don’t owe any money on it)
- You will need a letter from yourself to give to the Insurance company saying you have no objection to selling the car (go figure!!)

- Send your resignation to your line manager and the HR department
- Make sure you get confirmation of receipt from HR (they lost mine)
- Get a copy of the ‘Clearance’ form
- You will need a letter from the bank stating that you have no liabilities, so that AJE can make the final payment
- Do a rough calculation of what is owed to you including:

Pension – one month’s pay per year, pro rata
Leave – any unused leave, pro rata
Flights – value of any unused flights (pro rata, Jan-Dec)
Medicals – any reimbursements not yet paid

The clearance form - requires 7 signatures.

About a month before you are leaving, it’s good to chat with HR (Jad) and go through the form. He will tell you who needs to sign each section of the form, for each department. For example, in Finance, see Carol who will check all items and then Yasser will sign. He suggests that the form is completed a week before leaving the company, although some sections cannot be signed off. Your Residence permit needs to be cancelled by external affairs (Saeed) but cannot be done LESS than 7 days before you leave the country, otherwise a penalty is charged if it is cancelled too early.

The following is an exerpt from an email Debs sent me after she had gone, about a week before I was leaving:

Go to Al Saad branch of Qtel pay your last bill then go to Customer services and ask to have your account closed and a confirmation letter. (you will need copies of your id card, employee card and passport to order the letter which takes 24hours) They will take your money and have the letter ready the next day. AS for electricity - I couldn't even pay my last bill because it hadn't been issued - they don't have a system for taking meter readings - I printed the latest account off the internet - showing zero balance and gave them the bill. As long as you've closed your credit cards and internet banking card and have paid off your car loan then getting the clearance letter from your bank should only take one day.

You want to have HR and Admin sign off on your form so they can start processing your final payment. I guess from today you should; close Qtelpay water/elec and get zero bill

make Telal from IT sign your form and arrange for him to close your account from the date you leave

Get your bank account closed (take all of your cash out) and get your clearance letter.

Get Fareed to sign your Admin (need Qtel & Water bills for that)

Then Get HR to sign it off - you will need your bank clearance letter.
Get Carol Hinz in finance to sign off - she will be the one to query the school fees and agree final settlement.
Then Finance can start to process your final payment cheque. Try and get all of this done by the end of the week and then email Carol and Jad in saying that all of the paperwork is completed and you'd like to be able to pick up your final settlement cheque on Wednesday.

Speak to Nasser about your exit visas - they will probably take all of your passports to have the residency cancelled. By 1400 on Weds you should have your cheque and passports

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Claps hands in glee - rabbit sent me postcard! - looks like i may be falling a rabbit hole over the next few weeks