Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Memory of THUNDERBIRD : very funny memory of someone who has obviously had the same experience of white cider as virtualy every other uk teenager : thanks to mavis for the link

They just won't let your childhood be, will they? Nigel Planer murdered the Magic Roundabout, "Chopper" isn't just a bike, apparently it's a helicopter, and now they've just killed Thunderbird. Oh, it's still there. But they've killed it.
It was 1988, and I was 14 when I first met Thunderbird. I started on the Blue, of course. Didn't we all? At £3.49 I could also stretch to a Marathon and a quarter of Kola Cubes. And I was happy with my Blue Thunderbird; we spent time in the park together, sometimes went to see some friends.

But after a couple of weeks the cheeky red number caught my eye. An enigmatic minx, whispering promises of dreams I had forgotten how to dream. It jeered as I bought its cheaper cousin. I was piqued. Why was it over a pound more expensive? I decided to forego the Marathon that wintry night, and cantered off to the park with a new darling.

The difference is simple; 17.5% as opposed to 13.5%. Only 4% - but it made a marked difference to my behaviour.

In conversation....
BLUE : I talked more than usual.
RED : I gave away military secrets. In behaviour....

BLUE : Became well-disposed to strangers.
RED : Became strangely-disposed to wells. And in belief....

BLUE : Got happy and thought I was funny.
RED : Got happy and became a treehouse, insisting that people climb up my leg and store their nuts in my armpits.

Mournfully, Blue Thunderbird is now 13.1% - possibly to placate an army of parents who should be encouraging their children to drink alcohol. And of course, they've got Peach Thunder, Berry Thunder and Cola Thunder. I find it difficult to sleep at night, knowing they are out there..
Take me back to the paradise city.. please.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Traffic Jam on way to AlJazeera
Arabic sign reading city center straight on, al wakrah C ring road & Salwa (Saudai) Rd Right
a little building work going on in doha
Now for the sponsor of the week CHUNXIAO:

Not only classicQuality, but who could be as fashionable as Sherlock Holmes, All from buying a pair of Socks.

Personaly - i buy my juice at the fantasy juice stall - tonight i fancy a mango s&m or posibly a three some of Orange, Pinaple & Strawbery

Sunday, May 27, 2007

oh dear pirate bay have done it again - there is now coffee on my monitor

Who Am I?

After nearly 300 posts I thought I would write a little about myself.

I am Michael Heap, 26 years old, I’m Canadian by birth, British & Canadian by nationality; I was born of my parents Peter & Maureen Heap (Respectively a Mining/process Engineer & Teacher/Artist)

Who in turn hail from British, Dutch, Irish & Algerian ancestry, My Dutch lineage can be traced back to the heugenaut exodus from France. There are tales of Pirates and Spies, of Sea Captains & Just a little trace of ancient mystery. My family means a lot to me.

I was/am an expatriate child, spending much of my childhood in exotic far flung places from Ghana to West Australia (Co-incidentally where I finished high school) with my parents work.

My Degree Is a BSC MBio (Molecular Biology) from the university of Portsmouth, I am an artist & a technician working in the TV business but this far from defines me, I co-founded a successful London club night, I have a ridiculous interest in Egyptology especially in the rise of the ptolomies & the fall of Egypt. I am a cinephile, a gastronome extraordinaire; when I live in London I have a place on the South Bank in London.

At the moment I live in Doha Qatar, and work for Aljazeera English as a Media Manager. I spend my time off in a variety ways, sadly none of them nefariously, most of which involve my passions of entertaining people, sometimes with screenings of obscure films sometimes cooking up a storm.
Im having this feeling at the moment, after rewriting the firmware on Asus 500gP - hardware wise an excelent router - shame about the crappy unix O/S and interface, However i spent most of lastnight wrestling with OpenWRT & X-WRT & Writing a custom compiled O/S.

God I wish i had this problem