Sunday, May 27, 2007

Who Am I?

After nearly 300 posts I thought I would write a little about myself.

I am Michael Heap, 26 years old, I’m Canadian by birth, British & Canadian by nationality; I was born of my parents Peter & Maureen Heap (Respectively a Mining/process Engineer & Teacher/Artist)

Who in turn hail from British, Dutch, Irish & Algerian ancestry, My Dutch lineage can be traced back to the heugenaut exodus from France. There are tales of Pirates and Spies, of Sea Captains & Just a little trace of ancient mystery. My family means a lot to me.

I was/am an expatriate child, spending much of my childhood in exotic far flung places from Ghana to West Australia (Co-incidentally where I finished high school) with my parents work.

My Degree Is a BSC MBio (Molecular Biology) from the university of Portsmouth, I am an artist & a technician working in the TV business but this far from defines me, I co-founded a successful London club night, I have a ridiculous interest in Egyptology especially in the rise of the ptolomies & the fall of Egypt. I am a cinephile, a gastronome extraordinaire; when I live in London I have a place on the South Bank in London.

At the moment I live in Doha Qatar, and work for Aljazeera English as a Media Manager. I spend my time off in a variety ways, sadly none of them nefariously, most of which involve my passions of entertaining people, sometimes with screenings of obscure films sometimes cooking up a storm.

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