Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A very relevant quote from chairman bruce - tickled me pink when i read it today in distraction

"Im gonna take some time off after this. I Mean some lesure, thats what i want. I'm gonna drink a lot of beer and go bowling, and then maybe if im lucky, very lucky ill get laid. but im not gonna hang out with politicians no more"

substitute politicians for medios and substitute bowling for music/art/culture i think youve got the plan for 14 days outta doha
current london schedule - come and get me whilst im hot!

Lunches are currently the best bet for a meetup

27th arrive at 06.35, procure needed items AM - local to richmond (phone card etc) afternoon freeish - jetlag hits pm.
28th day free, evening, dinner intown with mum and dad
29th free
30th - penciled drinks/meeting with DZA & Shirly and the Medlo Crew- time TBC
31st - daytime free - evening double booked - H4 at the BCB & BDS @roxy at london Bridge
1st - posible alldayer at KoKo camden or BCB with Dr Em,digger etc.
2nd - gig -?
5th -// flashmonkey/caberet at cafe de paris
6th meeting with friends
8th was your gig at cargo - now free
9th -tbc
10th depart at 20:55

Sunday, March 18, 2007

well yesterday was st Patrick's day, that was fun an early start at work, finished at 8pm, headed over to Garvey's to meet some of the krew.

spent much of the evening sat outside howling with laughter with nic the Greek and liddy from the sat desk doing everything from mercilessly teasing american contractors to sitting in a small plastic Wendy houses and sliding down plastic slides - all fueled by Ireland's finest extra stout!

god i needed that it shook me out of the savage case of Doha blues that I'm currently suffering from. 8 days till im back in blighty
from the penisular from a local government official running for re election on lingere & lingere shopping

" most outlets selling lingerie have male salesmen, which is not a desirable practice in a conservative society like Qatar's, said Hassan Al Jefairi. In a communication addressed to the social affairs division at the Department of Labour, he said that men should not be allowed to work in shops that sell exclusively female garments."

" And, especially if it comes to buying lingerie, a woman would usually avoid visiting a shop which has male sales personnel. "So, give visas to single women so they can not only work in lingerie shops but also in other outlets as well as offices," he said

When asked if concerned about social problems that may arise out of having single females, he answered :

"So, we need to be selective and issue visas to women from good families. Anyway, a woman who is willing to come here and take a job for a monthly salary of QR2,000 or QR2,500 will definitely have a good character, because if she is morally corrupt, she can earn this much money in a day in her home country itself. There is no need for her to look for a job overseas,"

To be fair, the fine candidate's proposal is about much more than lingerie. It is about the rights of migrant workers in Qatar:

"This is a violation of human rights not to make opportunities available for single and unmarried men to mix and socialise with young women, fall in love and get married and live a happy and stable family life," he remarked. "I have written all these things in my letter."

"Let me be clear that I am not talking here of bringing over women with suspicious character and encourage immorality. What I am saying makes sense as it would add to social cohesion and stability," said Al Jefairi.