Thursday, November 16, 2006

im impressed i appear to have slash dotted with a front page photo on

also now getting found when aol searching for 'chineese prostitute'

also looks like im getting a lot of hits from google from 'AJI News'
well day two here, after some pretty scathing coverage in the guardian esp. the reviews coming in today have been great, people are starting to see what were trying to do.

also bought some no name getto blaster, this is the loudest thing ive ever heard 3800pmpo - its redicouly loud.

personal level, no cabs this morning, RP not sorted, shipping saga continues, dog tired, going to garveys for a friends thing tonight, post launch bbq tomorow at aljadiah, need to buy gas for my new gas bbq, as i have retired my old rubbish charcol bbq that didnt work. Aramex US post box + Amazon = beautiful things coming to doha!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Launch day here - all excitement and tension, ive never seen the newsroom @ 9am this busy for a long time, we launch midday gmt 3pm local, so it alows me to slip into the day a little more painlessly than the 1pm shift.

were getting closer to a full team a kiwi has turned up!
weapons watch - colt comando x1

Got my liquor permit for the QDC today - however im only alowed to spend 2800rials on alcohol a month which roughly works out to 20 cases of beer.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

some old photos as i havnt been out for a few days