Thursday, November 16, 2006

im impressed i appear to have slash dotted with a front page photo on

also now getting found when aol searching for 'chineese prostitute'

also looks like im getting a lot of hits from google from 'AJI News'


Anonymous said...

omg! another frontpage post on QatarLiving - you're gonna be one of the most famous bloggers in Qatar if they continue showing u this love *g*

Aisha said...

Hey, Join us already!

:-) There are cool members there ( and I'm NOT implying that I'm one of them LOL)

mojo said...

`well, im probably putting out the most origional content of the qbproject, most seem to be a href links to other funny stuff on the web rather than a origional content plus im blogging for an already installed user base so im blogging for a group of friends who are following my progress anyway which spurs me on to wrie atleast every couple of days, so i know whom im writing for.

Aisha said...

okayyy mojo :)

Will try to stick to the original.