Monday, November 20, 2006

well im back at work 3 days of madness off, thursday night i cought up with the canadians starting at garveys then ending up at ozzy legends - then ended up with the compound kids drinking till 4am.

friday. bbq preporation - typical doha moment - tjhe gas i bought for my new bbq doesent fit the regulator they sold me that was next to the gas bottles - typical doha - lesson learnt- assume nothing in doha. up till 4am great party lots of lovley friends around the pool for shrimp beef & chicken. lots of chats with great people.

sat hungover. stayed in during the day had a quiet one with the compound kids till 1am

sun, slept late, went shopping for some food for the upcoming monster marathon week thats incoming, phoned kathrin and had a long chat about london whats happening, the jazz scene, projects etc. and then went to the comedy with michael, sue karen & robby filby & others, laughed my ass off at some very non P/C comedy had a very good night well worth the 85rials.

monday morning - woke up late - its raining - headed to work at 12.15 took me 45mins to get to work, and still had to walk some too in the rain as there was a pileup at tv roundabout, mental note - driving in doha doesent improve in the rain. saw 4 accidents this morning.

that brings me to now, at work at my desk in the newsroom, thinking about you dear reader, where your from what your doing on this slightly rainy doha day.

ive been sitting on my step thinking about doha and my life here, i have some beautiful friends, even if this town is a mad highbreed of a one horse western town and a scifi film, with driving from madmax, the things that irritate me about here the beaurocuracy, the lack of culture the madness of the driving, all things being equal its not bad here, there are a lot of worse places that i could have ended up in. i work with some amazing people with skills and charisma to die for, im doing a job that others would kill for, for a station thats building an international reputation, bottom line i think im going to be happy here. its just that ive missed my friends and collegues from the uk and am still missing the culture.



bullshake said...

yay mojo ur loneliness is palpable:( but at least ur making friends so thats a good step in the right direction. im looking forward to moving there coz i like being a 'foreigner' but for all practical purposes, my life's gonna be tougher daily stuff like having to wash own clothes, cook own food and i wont be able to eat out there as easily as i can from here and i like discovering places to eat in..still im nervous excited to move there. reading ur blog now reminds me of my time when i was in caribean last year where i felt loneliest but met the most wonderful people so far. it'll pass:)

wooodenelephant said...

word up the michael. i miss the culture of Lahdahn a bit over here in EspaƱa too. but we have lots here i bet you don't - modern art galleries, jazz clubs, openly gay couples (not many, though). i look forward to my next trip to the Smoke and cramming in as much hits as i can. i reckon i prefer it as a tourist. commuting in london is a shitty arse, lest we forget. bureaucracy and driving are mental over here too but four accidents in one morning! that's Dane Bowers and friends!
Basically i can't pretend to be experiencing anything like the culture shock you must be. anyroad, lad, keep us posted.