Saturday, November 25, 2006

one of my pet peeves at the moment is airport security after the 'terrorism' incedents and the way they are making normal everyday peoples lives a nightmare with petty rules that dont work, this is a new meme that im going to introduce to the blog - stupid storys regarding airport security either experienced by me, others i know, or i find on the web.

i thaught this one was fitting as it involved my other favourite thing in life PIE!

Personal story of the day: having flown out of Heathrow T3 recently i was cueing for the first level of rent a cop security (that demenes rent-a-cops) who were checking that no-one brought more than 1 bag aboard. so there is a guy behind me holding a breifcase and a 33 LP, the lady rent-a-cop decided the 33 constituted a peice of baggage, and would not let the man cross between security barriers untill he put the 33 into his bag. the problem being that the breifcase was smaller than the record (presumably why he was carying the 33) when he pointed this out to the security, the security lady pointed out that he could not carry the two peices of luggage onto the plane, so either comply by puttinmg the record in his bag or surrender it. whence forth the security lady pointed out that if he bent the record in half it would fit into his bag. he became cross at this statement and pointed out the obvious that by bending the recod in half he would render the record useless. but security would not budge on their position

point taken. either surrender the record, break it and take it on board so the gentleman broke the recod in half and gave it to the security lady.
whilst fuming all the way through security

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