Friday, November 24, 2006

well, another doha moment, got 3 out of 4 of my boxes of shipping, the one missing box was typicaly the 25k of books i really wanted/needed.

also missing from my received boxes was 200+ dvds (including the boxed sets of the outer limits and the twilight zones), my video camera & a number of very personal items with much sentimental value.

i hold no hope on receiving any of this stuff back, excluding the one box of books (as that was a whole box thats gone awol and may turn up somewhere) as the shipping agency localy are saying its highly likley they were pinched by customs, luckily i took out insurance on the whole deal on door to door shipment but no doubt that the whole insurance deal will be a nightmare.

on the upside i now have some clothing to wear, some books to read and some dvds to watch. 3x12hr late shifts at work. and my aramex account works in double quick time having received notification that the care package that my mother sent me has arrived in doha, however it being friday i cant collect it today but will attempt to tomorow.


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