Saturday, February 16, 2008

Its been about a month and a half since ive previously written, ive not dropped of the face of the earth, but nothing has happened in the interim. work carries on, any number of people resign, ive lost count, i think around 45 have resigned in the last 2 months.

for posterity i write the names i can rember and care about

Tracy Cork
Richard & Gil
Tony Chapman
James Cambourne
Nadene Ghouri
Charlotte Sever
Clair O'Hagen
Sam Robertson
and others that i cant remember or cant include

Its a massive loss, weve gone from bleeding out,now were hemoraging hard, we now seriously need a trauma surgeon, a bandaid will not do.

Ive met some new people, become obsessed with Rescue Me, Season 5 of the wire has started and im dreaming of london & croatia.

For people reading this im planning to be in london at the start of april for 10days - get your bids in now.
a few photos from work on a very quiet day

Al Jazeera English Doha 2008