Saturday, September 30, 2006

pt 2. anyway after 4 days i was released onto the un suspecting public and into my parents care. i am now back at my parensts still camping and living out of a suitcase. and slightly bored to tears . some how i plucked upe enough enery to get the bus to the shops to go and buy some entertainment to save myself from daytime tv.

so i got the dvd boxed sets of firefly and taken (both on sale at hmv) neither i have watched but both bigged up by mates at the time and books the disposesed by ursula le guin, gateway by frederik pohl & lord of light by roger zelazny, all part of the gollancz sf imprint that the forever war was from. its a nice print run, back to unfinished matte covers with very simple designs. and they are all great books , i dont doubt that i may buy the whole series
sorry no word from me for a week, yes im still not oin doha but ive been in hospital .;(

had some major serios stuff happen.

went in last sat (23rd)am with the worst pain ive ever had including when i came off my bike!!!!!!!! in my lower right abdomen (it really felt like that id been 10 rounds with georfe forman) and peeing blood (thats the scary bit and when i decided to go to hospital)

anyway went to A&E was admitted with suspected renal cholic but with a kidney infection too. the surgeons decided i may have peritinitus so decided to open me up and take out my appendix. so i did the whold gurny oxyhen surgury thing and wake up in recovery smacked off my face on morphine 4 hrs later. i find out that it was a massive kidney stone that had decided to rip through my right kidney. so i spent 4 days care of the west middlesex sion ward one area b's finest surgeons doctors nurses and students, eating bad hospital food.