Wednesday, December 24, 2008

State of the Union 2008

October saw me complete my second year at AJE here in Doha, time passes slowly in some respects (it sometimes feels like ive lived here a lifetime) and quickly in others.

My original game plan was to spend 2 years out here, but that time has passd

AJE as a channel continues at a break neck pace to where im not sure, HR & finance continue to continue at a pace that im not sure is measurable.

I got a big promotion this year, I now head up the Media Management Unit along with the many other jobs I do on a daily basis.

I discovered the joys of tailored clothes, thanks to my tailor here in Doha.

I returned to the garden festival, I traveled a lot.

The most significant person in my life moved to Doha, initially on a 3 month contract but fingers crossed on a full time basis into 2009.

Ru moved out of the Southbank flat, Kathrin moved in.

Sister bought a flat in Bermondsey, parental units left Romania and planning on heading to Abhu Dhabi in early 2009.

The future….

I head out on holiday to Hong Kong for a short trip in Jan 09. I’ve booked tickets for garden 09, have weddings in the UK other than that I think im going to be in doha for a while.