Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Word of Mouth Marketing Association -- WOMMA - WOMMA News Blog - from chairman bruce's blog

- more web 1.5 huckster consumerism - this is kind of Bullsh*t being marketed to bloggers wtf??? this is old tech - i used to practice stuff like this when in gorilla marketing, and consulting to desiel and the like 5 years ago - but it seems to be sticking PS3 are using the same techniques

Link: Word of Mouth Marketing Association -- WOMMA - WOMMA News Blog. Event Update: Look at the WOMBAT Agenda
Ask and ye shall receive: WOMMA has posted the agenda for its next event, Word of Mouth Basic Training (WOMBAT). Taking place April 17-18 in New Orleans, WOMBAT promises to be our most exciting, most dynamic, most bang-for-your-buck event ever. Our program includes 50+ amazing speakers, 16 real case studies, and 16 hands-on how-to's.
New Orleans isn't your typical conference venue, and WOMBAT isn't your typical conference, either. The word of mouth industry's official "how-to" event, WOMBAT will wow you with:
--> An incredible keynote by Chip Heath, the best-selling co-author of "Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die"
--> Real word of mouth case studies from General Mills, Nintendo, O Magazine, and more!
--> Practical how-to lessons, including:
* How to Use YouTube as an Effective Marketing Tool
* How to Advertise with Word of Mouth
* How to Create Customer Evangelists
* How to Use Blogs to Keep the Buzz Going
* And more!
We are adding more content, more speakers, and more value every day, so check the agenda often.

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