Friday, April 13, 2007

DMZ - Graphic novel by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli

im giving this serious props - fantastic art, great writing and a killa story arc. Picked up the first two whilst i was in london - thanks to the richmond comic shop for the recomendation.

set in a wartorn very near future NYC, US residents have bought into Iraq style Gorilla warfare and have overrun much of the US, following a rookie journalist abandoned in the city after a failed insersion, its his life and reports of the city and its residents, from the ground up, of the survival and the life that ensues from the love life of a AWOL Specops sniper, to the inner workings of a rooftop vegan resteraunt, to gig reviews and anatomys of street gunbattles, all very real and all very hard - hits hard and home for someone working in a news organisation whos friends do this on a daily basis in citys from Bagdad to Kabul

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