Sunday, April 15, 2007

well day one of six back in the office, tired grumpy and have a cold coming on, looks like the london excesses have hit, my head is full of cold, and im streeming with mucas.

ive got to shift some weight too as im feeling bloated theres only one way and thats hitting the gym and cutting down on drinking. both are difficult - the gym after 12hrs at work is a near nightmare, and drinking as its my only escape from the work, neither are complimentary. why is it that my passions in life fight so hard against my vague stride to become healty

i suppose genes have something to do with it, for those who dont know i take very much after my maternal grandfather both physicaly and emotionaly , cpt. tony lagaay

and not like my maternal grandmother - at least i get the mental stablity and vicarious helpful nature.

ive quit smoking again, and am now heavily relyant on nicorette gum.
enough for now

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