Wednesday, April 25, 2007


im loving this blog cataloguing future predictions from history: little known factoids from predictions that never became true.
"In the future, products from space will be in great demand. Economists are predicting a 20 billion dollar market for space-made goods by the year 2000"
in the 21st centuary "Cooking, perhaps, will not be done at all on any large scale at home.....and cooking will be a much less disgusting process than it is now."
"The new realm of hydrospace will provide thousands of new job opportunities and bring about the birth of dozens of new industries as our oceanic engineers perfect the techniques to dive deeper and stay longer under the surface of the seas"
By the year 2000, business conventions will be held at interplanetary "cosmotels," to which most delegates will travel in their own family "volkscapsules" or "satellacs,"
For the year 2000, however, we can foresee some really far-out developments:
  • The virtual elimination of bacterial and viral diseases.
  • The correction of hereditary defects through the modification of genetic chemistry.
  • The stepping-up of our food supply through large-scale ocean-farming and fabrication of synthetic proteins.
  • Control of the weather, at least on a regional scale.
  • In space, the landing of men on Mars and the establishment of a permanent unmanned research station on that planet.
  • The creation, in the laboratory, of primitive forms of artificial life.
This is indeed an age of miracles. It is your age.

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