Wednesday, November 01, 2006

hello one and all,

a few days on from the last post all good here finished my monstor marathon 5 nights session, and am currently relaxing at home, well at work but im not supposed to be here, im just coming in to do emails and update the blog,

its the 10th aniversiary of the network and the kings popping to shake hands and all that kind of guff, i got my banking cards and paid so atleast im solvent, i also bought a bbq & 10 kilos of chicken and stuff for my world famous couscous salad for the party tomorow, if your local swing by.

what else, shipping is still in coustoms, and noone seems to be able to do a thing about it, it would be nice if i could get to it, but ive pretty much given up hope of seeing it anytime before the asian games.

tried to swing by the bookstore but of course it was closed apparently it dosent open till 4pm now there is a surprise.
other than that technical traumas are still here at work, but we should be able to work anyway.

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