Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well back in london, the flight was a breeze, 9hours, with a 2hr stop in bhrain, thats where the travel joy ended, i have seen the future of RFID based immigration and its not good – at heathrow there are glass booths which admit you based on your rfid embedded passport, i thaught i would test this, i had 2 rfid embedded id cards in my pocket, but not an RFID passport, i was admitted to the booth to carry out biometric testing, inthis case facial recognition – ofcourse i failed it and was ejected out the booth, but surisingly the 4 other people waiting in line for the booth who were carrying rfid enabled passports were rejected too, a 100% failure rate of recognition with what i assume is the new secure technology – maybe its too secure -

anyway i headed to the normal immigration, 100+ people cueing for immigration just on the EU passport side. Got pulled out for having aljazeera in my passport. Once clear of the bullshit – i then boarcded ther heathrow express to T1 to get the tube to south ealing, where i waited for the 65 bus from richmond. Got into richmond for 9am everything shut, got home had a shower then changed headed out into richmond to get essentials like a new toothbrush and razors that had been confiscated at doha, for what reason they confiscated my toothbrush i have no idea,

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