Sunday, March 25, 2007

quote of the week

'I am again intrigued by how good it is. The opening is rich with wood, spice, and incense; and the white pepper complements and magnifies them to the point where they have an almost surreal character. This surrealism, of course, is lessened as time goes on. The potency continues to wane into the mid notes where the spice is pretty much disappeared and the accord remains simply papyrus wood and incense. These middle notes are very similar to the top notes (except for the reduced surreal intensity) because of the incense, and they last for a very long time. The middle notes do tend to be a little lackluster, but they remain rich and masculine. Thus it stays until the notes from the base show up'

a prize to the person who guesses what it describes - no googleĆ­ng

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Mia said...

Britney Spears' latest perfume?

When do you arrive back in London, btw?