Tuesday, October 17, 2006

just a quick one, that was all fairly easy a couple of cues, a few checksour fixer from external affairs drove us out into the desert to a medical center, he then facilitated a que jump at every oppertunity, if that hadnt haoppened i would probably still at the medical center.

Home news, i nearly set fire to the kitchen yesterday, and having thouroughly searched theoven for an instruction manual and failing to find one i switched on the oven, 15 mins later i smell an acrid smell and see yellow smoke pouring out of the oven, it when i open the oven that i find its on fire, well NOT the oven per say but the instruction manual that has been stuck directly to the elements of the oven!

othermatters, went for a swim last night an car pooled on the way in this morning with the lady (louise) with kidney stones who runs the makeup dept here, i also work next to her daughter who is hot desking on the archive pc.

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