Wednesday, October 18, 2006

just re-read my last blog - god that sounded angry, ive calmed down a bit, not a huge amount, im headed home soon so i can enjoy a nouroushing meal of 2min noodles as a stirfry with some veg and soy sauce, yum, but till i get paid im on tight financial control. 657rials to go.

other than failed to get the card readers to work on the monitors so for the time being im stuck having to bluetooth to my phone, then my pda then plug the pda into my laptop then usb2 them to my mp3 player which i carry to work and usb2 them to the internet arrgh too much.
upside ive just rembered i have to fill in a p85 form for the uk goverment informing them im nolonger residing in the uk.

everything is difficult at the moment, and ive just remebered i have to cancel my uk mobile contract before i forget and they charge me for another month i cant use.

from a disgruntled michael.

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