Thursday, October 19, 2006

this is a strangely ironic story.
so i join a arabic news station mid month, said news agency is in a beaurocratic country that takes for ever to get anything done like open a bank account, i apply to open my ban the day after i arrive, in this case the 11th. bank account require all kinds of info that i dont have like local phone number, and local address before they can open my bank. this is anticipated so afformentioned news station give me 2000 rials to survive off for the first two weeks till i can sort bank account out, and do things like buy mobile phone etc.
news station can not pay my regular sallary untill bank is open, however eid the muslim holy holiday comes at the end of my second week. here in lies the rub. i cant be paid during eid as the finace dept and the banks are closed until after eid. so here comes the irony.
i get a email and a phone call 1) at 11.30 from the bank saying they had made extra effort to open my account before eid. and 2)an email from finance at 15.45 saying a big effort had be made to get a cheque had been made out in my name.
so you put 1+1 together and make two right? get cheque from finance and put it in my bank? wrong given the bank shut at midday and finance shut at 1600 hrs and i cant get there in time, so the ultimate upshot despite the monumental effort is... im still not getting paid untill after eid.
ohh the irony

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