Thursday, November 09, 2006

well its 7.30local here at the time of writing the schedule for launch is firming up, as i think i mentioned yesterday im the only one covering morning of the launch from the MM team, this is fine with me.

just found out that my shipping has not cleared customs but has just been lost, apparently there are 147 people from my agency alone, and many others from other agencys are in exactly the same state, to me this doesent bode well, how do you loose half a warehouse of stuff?
other than that finaly got to talk to the people incharge at amerex and have confirmed i need neither a pobox nor a RP to open an account. so much for the clerk at the counter. i shall endever to open one on monday or tuesday next week, then i may be able to get post in this desert town even if it has to go via the US or UK, also means i can buy stuff from amazon, and other online stores and finaly get some proppah culture,

first on the list is going to be Mr Punch by Neil Gaiman (), after being inspired by mirrormask dvd lastnight () - best quote on the back of the box - It’s like Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast... on acid... for kids, i honestly was blown away, those of you who know me know of my love of the theatrical & burlesque & The bizzarre, and how im the only person in the world who likes the movie 'the cell' its dark, over dramatic, theatrical, epic in scope, slightly fantastic, with great lighting, SFX & imagination the likes holywood has never seen. its like a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film without the unnessecary moral element with the fantasy turned up to 11 and its for kids!
on other notes, we are officialy no longer called aljazeera international but aljazeera english - why i dont know esp now after after the press release anouncing launch, another thing i will chalk up to upper management.

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