Tuesday, November 07, 2006

8 days to launch, 2 days off, no further on with any beaurocuracy.
morning AJI - quiet, relaxed vibe, however the newsroom smells of impact adhesive as some one has decided that its imperitave that sound insulation is added - why>???? and why install it when everyone is working - anyway im getting high from the fumes.

2 days off accjeived two things from the list of 5 imperitave things that i had to do : i went food shopping & i got to the bookstore, the two least critical jobs.
i failed on the 3 other jobs because of:

1)i cant rent a car as i dont have a qatari driving licence - which i cant get till i get my residency permit - apparently uk/australian driving licences only count for 6 days after arrival (WTF??? if its valid in nepal i dont see why one wouldnt work here? and from what ive heard local qataris dont even take a test to get a licence) this is presenting a major issue as i need to get a car before the asian games (not to mention that ive been messed around 3 times in the last 2 days by taxis) becaus all local taxis (karwa) will not be avalible for hire to anyone except games contestants & officials, which means the local limo services will be even more overstretched than they are already. so i have everything Crossed that the RP comes through quickly (inshalla 2 weeks) so i can then quickly convert my uk licence (supposedly a 2day process) so i can get a car b4 the games start.

the other good news regarding the games is that there shutting both roads that lead to my house to 'better conveniance athleets and officials' how about better conveniencing me by allowing me to get to my house.

2)i need a residency and a local post box (for which i require a RP) b4 i can open an aramex shop & ship account which would be a lifeline to culture.

3) the local shipping agent have lost my stuff (apparently its cleared now??) but they cant find it as the location given to them by customs is empty - im going to be REALLY Hacked off if i find that they really have lost it or its been halfinched.

the bookstore is less of a bookstore more a computer accessories, toyshop & art supply store than a bookstore, the fiction section (one halfheight row well stocked with all the back catalogue of john grisham, tom clancy danielle steel & probably every mills and boone ever published) sadly lacking in anything vaguley readable, looks like i will go slowly illiterate or learn the 4 books i have with me by heart, its now the 3rd time ive read the forever war its good, but not the book you need to read 4times.

a good friend kiwi lisa, had her birthday on monday, went for dinner at the mercure felt like a pub, also had some good nosh, hit the souks with lisa & colm in the evening and had a blast.

went for a long run & cycle lastnight it felt good.

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