Thursday, November 09, 2006

well, another day off, didnt do much today, slept late, hit the gym for about about lunchtime, read some, watched a great film, heard great reviews of it in the past 'osama' dir siddq barmak - the first film shot since the rize and fall of the taliban, a story about a 12 y/o girl who is disguised as a boy to help feed her family who is then abducted into a taliban training school, with an ending that is dark as night. watch it, its in persian but the dvd has subtitles. other than that did washing and ironing, as it was piling up.

trying to get as much rest on my days off as i can as launch is approaching rapidly - 6 days to go, and i think were going to be all hands to the pump at launch (i can see a few sleepless nights), eek! looks like im the only one rostered on shift on the morning that we launch, but others have said they will be there. add to that the madness that is the asian games (latest roumer is there shutting the crossroads outside our compund to make access to the stadiums easier for officails and athleets- its going to make getting to and from work fun - given that vehicle access passes can be assigned to one vehicle only and im wholy reliant on cabs.

on other notes, tell me what you think. there is a girl at work who gets hot and flustered when ever i talk to her (we dont speek that often as she works on a different floor & we work different shift patterns) first time we met i felt a spark, she seems intersting of the 5mins ive talked to her, my gut says she is hot for me and she is also my type intelectual glasses & short hair, so im fairly sure i should ask her out, so here comes the moral teaser for you folks, ive allways made it a policy (thats the wrong word i know, but i cant think of the right one) not to date anyone at work both for the working of the team environment, and to protect the downside of what happens when it (perhaps inevitabley) goes wrong i hear cries of anguish from you dear reader but in this environment here its maybe even more critical i work with, exclusivly socialise & live with theese people. there too are legal concequences, its illegal to date in doha young people have been prosecuted for holding hands in public,its certainly illegal to have unmarried sex in this country with punishment being 40 lashes and a prison sentance - im told they turn a blind eye to westerners but breaking the law is breaking the law. so your 2cents(us/canada) or your tuppance(UK), 2 dirams(Local equivelent) is strongly requested.

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Midget said...

40 lashes and prosecution apply only to Muslims. As a Westerner they turn a bling eye to you as long as there are no gross public displays of affection. :D

In other words, go for it.