Saturday, November 11, 2006

going out in doha

More and more im coming to the conclusion that hotel bar owners and managers have seen lost in translation, every bar has a mediocre covers band (that range from passable & not irritating to OMG how poore ate theese guys to i really want to jam this cocktail stick down my ear canal to destroy my own ears) last night they were of the former rather than latter, with passable midi genorated renditions of dire strates romeo & juliette to olivia newton-john xanadu!

everywhere thats nice is discreet and anonomous usualy based in a hotel usually on an upper floor with a name like 'the libary' or 'the mercure' timk bill murry drinking santori, there filled with profesional travelers or professional workers seeking a quiet drink away from the brothel like feel of other more seedy venues (in this case 10 floors down at a bar called sharazad- a sleezy bar come pub filled with fat middle aged oil workers sleezing onto anything with a skirt). i went to the libary with a few techs & tech mangers and 2 of the makeup ladies from the station because i needed a drink i was dog tired and fed up.

i had a fantastic couple of conversations with people i had breifly met before but never really chatted to, im amazed by the nature of the people i work with, everyone has travled extensivly either professionaly or through their childhood, and everyone has amazing stories to tell, on that level im lucky, but theese people i share my life with for the next two years will play an increacing part in my life, professional kiwis, ozzies, brits, sri lanken.

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