Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sat here with a heavy heart, heathrow terminal 3 the ugly bastard sister of airport terminals. 4 layers of security and i havent even got to the gate yet, my appendix scar/wound hurts, and im missing blighty already. On the upside i had a creamchease bagel and that was yummy, but i dont think it willl keep me going till tomorow evening . Its ramadan innit!

Mum and dad dropped me off got a little teary, but otherwise a fine send off.

another note on airport nazi's . There was this woman , i cant dignify her as a rent a cop as she didnt have a uniform just a cheery yello tshirt with the slogan can i help, making people randomly empty their bags. This was posibly the most pointless exercise ive ever seen, given that people were basically in the cue to have thier bags, shoes, coats & for some bizzaree reason belts, xrayed again.

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