Thursday, October 12, 2006

jeeeez ive just had my first time dilation thingmy bob. it feels like a lifetime since i left, i know i left monday night and i know its thursday, ive spent 2 days at work but a lifetime has occured., an entire new life has occured, loose friendships have been formed, houses obtained bank accounts opened, mobiles cnnected to telephone systems, new dietry habits formed, cultur e shock formed and broken,

as a foot note does anyone know about 4x4's does anyone know if the nissan pathfinder rates against the land cruiser? just working on trying to work out which one to get. no a prius is not an option, i dont think they even import them into the gulf.

. my thinking at the moment is that the asian games are over at the end of dec. its going to take me at lest a month or month and a half to get my local driving licence (beaurocuracy innit) and after pick up a cheap xpat 2nd hand sale, then make some mullah/loose less on resale in 2 years. both are pretty popular out here.

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