Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday night first week in doha done. I decided to take myself out for dinner to celebrate (and to eat of course) after i got home and there isnt a hell of a lot of choice within walking distance (and not having to cross major freeways to do it!) there is a burger king (ughh) macdonalds (yes i will provide a photo one day with the golden arches with arabic writing! Astheticaly declined due to being a mcdonalds and being double uggh) a hardees (what ever one of those is) and a place called applebees which seemed the most likely of the candidates to sit down to eat.

Meal was great, had a great pudding called a blondie (think a white brownie!) but what i wanted to say was i was the only british person in there (and im not talking qataris here) must of been 50 yankies & cannuks munching away, i was sat nextto 3 american service men (dont ask which service i dont know) and the rest were oil/gas workers and familys all of them loud. The waiting staff were either korean or from qala lumpor (qualalumporian? Qualalumporeese?) all lovley.

Im not sure what im trying to say, i guess im shocked in a word, as most of the people at work are distinctly NON American (in hindsight i should have noticed)

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